About neobex

who we are

Neobex acts as a manufacturer and wholesaler distributor of medical supplies. Over the years, Neobex has developed a large distribution network in North America and has acquired unparalleled experience which allowed the company to expand across the borders. Consequently, Neobex is there to support its network of resellers and customers all around the world.


Neobex is on a mission to globally deliver affordable quality medical-grade supplies with a reliable supply chain that you can trust to better protect yourself and protect others.


Neobex is striving towards becoming a leading global wholesaler of medical gloves and becoming a pioneer in infections prevention.

Our Values


Your satisfaction is our guarantee. That's why we make sure to answer all your needs as quickly as possible.


We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and for new ways of doing things. We are open to creating new partnership opportunities.

Team Spirit

We put at your disposal the strengths of each of our team members in order to give you the best service in the industry.

Neobex In The World

Driven by the vision of offering the best work tools to healthcare centers, we are proud to export high Canadian standards internationally. In particular, Neobex is involved in West Africa by setting up permanent subsidiaries capable of promoting the quality of our products and our team’s know-how. By choosing to set up in our partner countries rather than simply exporting our products, we wish to send a clear message that our intention is to make a difference in the daily lives of our customers by ensuring proximity with them in order to better listen and understand their needs and advise them better. 

How we got to where we are today

  • Distribution of a few medical products in a home for the elderly.
  • The company now has a name rather than just a license number and the focus on medical products distribution continues with customers being majorly eldercare.
  • The small team doubles in staff and welcomes new operating shareholders.
  • The company opts for a new strategy by offering diversified products and enhanced services to a wider range of customers.
  • The coronavirus pandemic is hitting hard.‎ Everything changes; daily habits, social norms, the economy and, of course, the health status of thousands of people.‎ ‎Here and there, public and private health systems are confronted with a disease, Covid-19, which requires a large volume of basic medical equipment, including different types of masks and gloves. As a health response, governments are ordering measures of social distancing and imposing public health practices that, in turn, put pressure on the demand for medical equipment. Consequently Neobex, Start of importing huge volume and filling government tenders for personal protective equipment products to be part of this movement to bring safe and quality medical equipment closer together and facilitate access to safe and quality medical equipment.​
  • To sustain the massive growth, the company massively hired new employees and the company move his headquarter in the downtown of his hometown in Sherbrooke. The company also incorporated a new division in the United States as facilitating access to safe and quality medical equipment is a crying need in USA as the pandemic rages more.
  • The company change its corporate image and change name to better adjust its brand to its corporate action.
  • Driven by the  shareholders who are committed to humanitarian missions and the development of emerging countries, Neobex create an African division. To be part of this movement to facilitate access to safe and quality medical equipment but this time in emerging countries Neobex Africa located in Rwanda is fully supported by it’s counterpart in North America.


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